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Property managers: Google Changes Impact Online Marketing

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Up Your Online Marketing Game

Surprise, surprise: The magazine Property Management Insider is reporting that Google has made some changes that impact your online marketing efforts. Up your online marketing game by staying on top of Google’s changes.

Here’s the summary:

Your online marketing audience may be looking at the same ad from multiple devices — phone, tablet, laptop.

Until recently Google Analytics wasn’t properly accounting this type of reader correctly, but now it is. As PMI reports:

So for the first time, your measurement of results won’t be thrown off by a mix of devices, and you’ll be able to more accurately trace leads and leases to the ads that originated them, and tweak your campaigns to get maximum bang for your marketing bucks.

Creating “native ads” (or ads that don’t look like ads) will become easier. From PMI:

What will happen is that websites and apps will have style templates that allow advertisers to simply plug in their text and graphics, and the styles of the sites will be matched automatically. It’s part of Google’s ongoing effort to simplify and automate the creation of any variety of ad that might appear on a website or app.

You’ll have more control over your ads, as PMI explains:

Let’s say a PMC negotiates a deal for the placement of an ad in a certain position on the website of an apartment listing service, at a certain price. Now, the terms of the deal will be programmed into Google’s ad tools so that the negotiated terms will be consistently implemented, at the agreed-upon price. The PMC will also be able to easily target which ads appear based on the demographics of the visitors.

As summarized by Property Management Insider author Guy Lyman, these changes are in your favor property managers, but you still need to pay close attention to the ever-changing online marketing landscape to be successful in property management:

The online advertising landscape is constantly changing, and it pays to keep an eye on advances such as these that can make your marketing dollars go further. Often we concentrate on the obvious: search engine optimization, fresh content, ad placement and other core ingredients of effective online marketing. But a good way to outsmart your competition is to take advantage of innovations such as the ones described here while others do only the basics.

Posted by: Pacific Crest Real Estate on August 12, 2015