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Social media tips for property managers

social media property managersA few social media tips for property managers

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It takes a team

Social media is a wonderful way to create community, and that includes with your fellow property managers and the Pacific Crest Real Estate office. Lately, we’ve spent more time on social media trying to connect with the communities where we own and manage properties, sharing posts from businesses and residents alike in an effort to bolster our mission to build strong and vibrant communities.

We’d like to encourage your property’s management to join us on social media. If you need help getting started, we’re here to help. Ask your Asset Manager for more information.

Successful social media begins in your office

Whether your property manages its own social media accounts or you’re advertising Pacific Crest Real Estate’s accounts, be sure to include links to the social media profiles in emails, and remind residents with signage and notes when appropriate.

You’ll be amazed how tuning into social media will help you better relate to your residents face-to-face. Paying attention to social media chatter in your communities will help you stay in sync with your residents and on top of local trends and events. And your efforts will emphasize that your property and its residents are important parts of the community.

Social Idea: Host social media gatherings for your residents and staff. #ApartmentLifeSeattle

Social Idea: Host social media gatherings for your residents and staff. #ApartmentLifeSeattle

Capture your property’s magic moments

Remember that when it comes to creating new social media content for your property, no one knows your property like you do, and no one is going to encounter the cool, beautiful, and touching moments on your property like you and your staff will. By capturing special moments, taking a photo for Intagram, or making a note via social media or a blog post, you’re humanizing your staff and letting your community know that you love being a part of it.

And this is something you can make fun! Run contests for residents or staff, encourage them to be on the lookout for interesting moments to share via social media and make social media truly social with community events where you encourage folks to post about their love for your community or what fun they’re having at your party.

Sharing is Caring Online

Reposting from other accounts is a way to applaud on the internet. It’s also a way to remind people that you’re there, that you’re tuned in, and that it’d be cool if they’d follow you back. Soon, you’ll realize that you’ve created a community via social media, and that will in turn up your street cred. When people let the interwebs know that they’re looking for an apartment, your online community will direct them to you. Watch!

But it takes time to build that community, and the best way to do so is by being consistent, generous, and positive. Taking a little time every day to favorite, like, heart, comment, and repost-retweet-share is a way of engaging with your community.

Share the very best of your community — specials from the local bakery, a new brew at the brewery, a neighborhood event, flowers in bloom. Find folks in your community who are also posting, then share their post on your stream, favorite it, or leave a comment.

Social media really is offering you a chance to be part of your community, so take the leap. We hope these social media tips for property managers help your property to be as successful as it can be.

We’re in this together: Tag your social media posts #ApartmentLifeSeattle and we’ll repost them!

Posted by: Pacific Crest Real Estate on May 20, 2015