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Property Management Marketing Tips

Property Management Marketing TipsAt Pacific Crest Real Estate we strive for long term relationships, both with property owners and residents. But before you can begin a relationship with a new client or tenant you have to connect with them. Here are a few property management marketing tips that should help you connect with new residents and retain those already on your rent rolls.

Emphasize the value you bring to your partnerships

Deliver on your promises, and your value will be apparent.

Connect with your target market

Who are your residents? Is your property filled with young families, college students, or mature adults starting their lives over again? Ideally, your property will attract a mix of tenants from a variety of backgrounds, but you must be realistic: If your property is in downtown Seattle your residents will likely be from a different demographic than those in a suburb. Pay attention — and ask!: How are your tenants connecting with their community, and how do they want to connect with you? Do they prefer the local alt-weekly newspaper or are they more likely to look for headlines on social media? Would they prefer an electronic or paper newsletter, or none at all?

Consider creating a free survey with and find out. Use the survey to help you best understand the apartment-hunting and -loving habits of your tenants, then use that information to help you connect with new residents when you have a vacancy and to retain the residents you already know and love.

Make a plan

Once you know more about your target market and how they want to you to connect with them, develop a plan of action when for when you have a vacancy. Identify where you’re most likely to connect with prospective tenants — is it on Facebook or Instagram? Is your ideal resident more likely to search for an apartment on or will they begin their search with a Walkability score? Ask in your survey!

Once you know where tenants are apartment-hunting, find out what you need to do to post ads in those spaces and keep the information on file so that as soon as you’re made aware of a vacancy you can do a rent analysis, then post your ad ASAP. Make sure to already have some photos on file of both the interior and exterior of your units, main building, and appropriate amenities. And be sure to point out that they can pay their rent online!

Stay connected

Successful property management marketing isn’t only for attracting new tenants, you must also stay connected with your current tenants. Ask what they’d prefer in your survey, then adhere to their wishes. That may mean planning a time each month where you create and post a new community calendar outside of your office. It may mean that you need to send an e-newsletter only when there is critical information to share. The point is, however your residents have indicated they would like to hear from you be sure to meet and exceed their expectations.

Be responsive

If your property has a website, make sure it has accurate ‘contact us‘ information, and remember the social aspect of social media — keep your social media accounts regularly updated and respond to any comments online, whether negative or positive, as soon as you can.

Both your website and social media accounts will keep your residents and owners up-to-date on happenings at their property. If you don’t have a website and are a Pacific Crest Real Estate property, you are welcome to contribute blog posts about your property that can be used as social media fodder for months to come if the topic is evergreen, or one that doesn’t go out of date or style. And we’re happy to re-Tweet or share your event information on social media.

Don’t be a stranger on your own property; make sure residents know that they’re welcome to stop by your office or to call or email anytime they have a question or concern.


Posted by: Pacific Crest Real Estate on June 3, 2015