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Owners: Tips for a successful green multifamily property

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Green is the New Black

In the Seattle area, residents appreciate efforts to ‘go green’ so we thought we’d toss out a few tips for successful green multifamily property management. And, as property managers and owners, we see the cost-savings of our green efforts on electricity and water bills. So these two suggestions are no-brainers: Update your property’s lights to the most efficient option available and institute water-saving measures and devices. You’ll save money while doing a few green things everyone can appreciate.

There are so many other potential green projects that it’s mind-boggling, and we wouldn’t dare try to cover all of them in one blog post. But we thought we would share an illustration (below) we found that offers some helpful suggestions you could use to up the green-cred of your Seattle multifamily property.

Developers: Start Green

In the Pacific Northwest, and especially in Seattle, developers would be remiss to ignore green building options from the start. From more environmentally friendly concrete to solar panels or a community garden on the roof, the options are quickly becoming limitless.

Below, The Plain Dealer‘s illustration offers several terrific ideas. We’re not saying you should do all of these things, we’re just trying to get your creative juices flowing. No one knows your property or plans like you do … well, except for us!

Let’s work together on a plan to update your property’s green features, amenities, utilities, and conservation measures. We are happy to offer some environmentally-friendly suggestions for your property or development and to connect you with our green building partners. Together, we can create an environmentally-conscious property Seattleites will love to call home and you will count as a successful investment.

Contact us today to discuss green options for your property that will attract and retain residents while saving you money.

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green building, Graphics: James Owens, TextL John C. Kuehner, The Plain Dealer and Environmental Health Watch

Graphics: James Owens, TextL John C. Kuehner, The Plain Dealer and Environmental Health Watch

Posted by: Pacific Crest Real Estate on May 27, 2015